All About Light: Week 15

08 Feb

All About Light is a weekly photography project by two friends who met virtually while working on their respective Project 365s in 2013-2014. We quickly realized that we enjoyed each other’s photos and always looked forward to seeing what the other one shared. Since we both have a love for the genre of street photography, we found ourselves capturing intriguing signage in unexpected places and laughed about who might get the next best shot of a crazy sign. After finishing our Project 365, we decided to take on a weekly project to study the use of light and learn about ways to improve our photography by focusing on different light sources. Each month we will focus on a different source of light in our photos. We hope you enjoy what we capture as we learn all about light.

I love cities and I really love to see them at night. What’s cooler than checking out a new place both during the day and then at night when all is lit up? It can look like a totally different place sometimes. This is downtown Vancouver, from a recent trip I took with my husband. I love the clocks in the street and the leading lines in this shot. Who says neon lights can’t be pretty?

Week 15

{City Lights}

Beth of Beth Moses Photography and I became friends in 2013, while sharing our photos in a large group of Project 365ers online. As the year went on, we realized how much we had in common and even had a friendly competition of shooting odd signage and tagging the other one with “Your turn!”. Besides our shared interest in photographing everyday moments, we also share a passion for coffee and the south. I’m so glad I get to continue to share my thoughts on photography with Beth, and now, this project, too. Now, go check out Beth’s photo this week! It’s making me hungry: Mellow Mushroom


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2 responses to “All About Light: Week 15

  1. Mary G.

    February 9, 2015 at 11:26 am

    I also love this transformation in cities – from night to day. Cool shot!


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