Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar in Pasadena

13 Mar

Oh, where do I start? Well, a week ago I finally got the opportunity to visit Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar in Pasadena, thanks to using a friend’s visit as a good excuse to go check it out. It was just as glorious as I’d hoped. Seriously.


We both work as translators and business owners, so it was nice to get a chance to work together last week. We headed over to Pasadena in the morning and quickly grabbed a seat on the comfy little patio just off Washington Blvd. I had a latte and an almond croissant. You can never go wrong with an almond croissant… especially one that looks like this.

DSC_5648We worked away until it became too sunny to see our computer screens. Since we’d made the tedious drive over to Pasadena (it’s not far, but you know L.A. traffic is not fun, right?), we decided to stay for lunch and continue working. This worked out well, since a spot inside opened up after the morning coffee rush was gone. The sunlight that poured in the front windows was lovely and it was a great atmosphere to change up our work scene. Working for yourself definitely has its perks!

DSC_5650After a few more hours, we were hungry for lunch. I had been dying to try the Lavender and Honey Toast. Amazing!! I would never have thought to put food-grade lavender on goat cheese. The bread was freshly baked and also fantastic.

DSC_5659The next time I go, I’d like to try the Lavender Latte and the Pasadena Toast with avocado and red peppers. My only complaint is that there are no outlets for patrons to use. That’s not really a big deal, I suppose, if you have your laptop fully charged before you go. Also, L&H isn’t a coffee house where tons of students hang out, so the lack of outlets is not that surprising. It would definitely be a great place to meet a friend for a Saturday morning coffee date or to take your kiddos for a yummy snack while you soak up the caffeine and pastry goodness. And don’t let not having outlets stop you from working there. It was quite pleasant and I was super productive, while I enjoyed the airy espresso bar.

Have you ever been to Lavender & Honey in Pasadena? What’s your favorite toast?


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