Perfect Timing: Week 44

03 Oct

Perfect Timing is a weekly photography project by two friends who met in college, became roommates and have been close ever since. We share a love for languages and travel, and although we’re from the same southern state, we now live on different continents, balancing a demanding work life with a private life. We both agree that everything happens for a reason, whether we see these moments as positive or negative at the time, propelling us ahead or slowing us down. We hope you will join us each week, as we share little moments of Perfect Timing with you.

Yesterday morning did not go as planned. Fridays tend to be a little slower around the office, but instead, I was dealing with a very high maintenance client, who was putting a damper on what should have been a nice end to the week. I decided to step away from the situation (after handling it, of course) and call it an early day. I made my way over to Baum-kuchen to see Wakako, grab a bite for lunch and pick up my Midori Traveler’s Notebook Blue Edition (limited). I always enjoy talking to Wakako, as I believe in the type of business she and her husband have in Baum-kuchen and the way she handles her busy home life and her work. She and I have had our businesses for about the same amount of time. We also took on employees around the same time. Time with her is always well spent, because it brings me back to the perspective I want to keep for both my own home life and my business. When I left her studio, I felt refreshed and the end to the week finally felt as it should. All I needed was to step away to put my perspective back in place. I have big plans for this beautiful notebook. If you stick around, you’ll see them unfold. xo

Week 44
{stepping away for perspective}

Mary of Moe-Digger Photography and I became friends in college after we realized how much we had in common. We each grew up with three brothers, played sports and studied history, languages and cultures. I still remember our SLR cameras and our love for shooting with film. We have shared many wonderful experiences together over the years and have supported each other through some of the most significant moments in our adult lives. I am excited to take on this project with her. Check out Mary’s Perfect Timing photo for this week, too: Changing Seasons.


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