All About Light: Week 45

21 Oct

All About Light is a weekly photography project by two friends who met virtually while working on their respective Project 365s in 2013-2014. We quickly realized that we enjoyed each other’s photos and always looked forward to seeing what the other one shared. Since we both have a love for the genre of street photography, we found ourselves capturing intriguing signage in unexpected places and laughed about who might get the next best shot of a crazy sign. After finishing our Project 365, we decided to take on a weekly project to study the use of light and learn about ways to improve our photography by focusing on different light sources. Each month we will focus on a different source of light in our photos. We hope you enjoy what we capture as we learn all about light.

I never thought I’d be posting photos of two birds in one week! This past weekend the birds were out in full force at Pismo Beach. As my friend and I were observing them on the pier, people started to gather to look at these beautiful pelicans. A man standing next to me explained that this particular kind is called the California Gray because of the color of the feathers. I don’t know enough about birds, but I wondered if this one was a male, due to the bright yellow on its head. Another one nearby didn’t have the yellow coloring. We stood and watched them diving for fish off the pier, using the hook at the end of their beaks, and coming back up to perch on the rails like this. The man told me that he and his wife come to this beach often and they enjoy watching the California Grays in the evening when they move back to the cliffs to roost.

{California Gray}

Beth of Beth Moses Photography and I became friends in 2013, while sharing our photos in a large group of Project 365ers online. As the year went on, we realized how much we had in common and even had a friendly competition of shooting odd signage and tagging the other one with “Your turn!”. Besides our shared interest in photographing everyday moments, we also share a passion for coffee and the south. I’m so glad I get to continue to share my thoughts on photography with Beth, and now, this project, too. Now, go see what Beth is sharing this week: Buc-ees.


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