From baby blue to indigo

15 Dec

This room has really been finished for quite some time. But in the big picture of working on the rest of our new place, I didn’t think to share the transformation of it until now. We’re still not quite finished with renovating/redecorating our new home, but we are almost there! This past weekend we painted the last room in our house: the master bathroom. But this post is all about the guest bathroom. Hope you enjoy!


When we first viewed our home, this bathroom (adjoined to what is now the guest room) was baby blue. The owners had a set of twin baby boys. So they, in my opinion, went all out to make it a “boys” bathroom. It’s certainly not my taste, but it was cute for them. {Excuse my iPhone photo of the old look.}

Guest Bath_Before_2You can see that the bathroom itself was well maintained. There were very few things that we had to repair. Since this was off of the babies’ room, the toilet itself hadn’t been used in who knows how long. The lever to flush the toilet would not budge. But after a quick call to the plumber, who replaced a valve, we were set. The owners left the small wall hanger on the left that is right under the window as you walk in. We decided to keep it as a place for guests to hang their towels next to the shower/tub and to hang a hand towel close to the sink.

Since I don’t have too many other photos of this bathroom before, I’ll simply tell you what we did to change things up and get rid of that awful blue in exchange for a richer color for adults.

Knowing how much sunlight this room gets, we knew we could get away with a bold color choice. I thought about some dusty purples, greens, etc., but I kept coming back to indigo. And wow. With all the white and the two windows allowing the sunshine to stream in, I am so glad we took the plunge into a dark color for this room.




DSC_6499DSC_6497And just like that, we went from toddler tinkle room with toys abounding in the bathtub, to an adult spa-like experience. It’s still one of my favorite rooms in the house. The color is so rich, but it doesn’t feel dark in there at all. Since I snapped these, I moved the air freshener to go under the sink, added a succulent in a handmade pot and put some essentials for guests on the right side of the sink. The window above the shower is one of my favorite features. The sun that flows in means we only ever have to turn on the light in the evenings.

And just because I love a good side-by-side view:

Now, let’s see how long it takes me to post the next room updates! 😉


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