DIY Indigo Wall Art: Pottery Barn Hack

07 Mar

Remember this wall from my Project 52 last week?

DSC_7562And this gorgeous hand printed indigo fabric?

DSC_7565As promised, I’m back to tell you about how I made some DIY wall art inspired by a Pottery Barn print I have had my eye on for some time. Let’s rewind to our house purchase last summer. I knew what kind of look I wanted to create in our home: lots of textures, cool colors and a minimal number of items we really love. However, before all could be pulled together, we had to paint. A lot.

While this post isn’t about before and after photos, I think I will share those sometime soon, as our bedroom has been completely transformed from when we first saw it while considering this house. Slowly, we painted each room and finally moved our items inside from the mountain of boxes in the garage. As we carefully selected items to keep and those to donate or purge, we left the walls pretty bare still. Just recently, we took some wall art to be professionally framed. And while it was an investment, it was well worth it for the pieces we love that adorn our walls.

There was one investment, though, that I wasn’t willing to make. I’d found this beautiful framed blue textile art from Pottery Barn quite a while back. While I really love the trellis pattern, I don’t care for the rest of the patterns in the set. And $169 for a framed piece of fabric from a big box home store didn’t excite me. I prefer more authentic items, ones that have more meaning. So, I set to work looking for hand printed indigo fabric. I’d saved some items on Etsy, but the prices were still pretty steep. Finally, I came across some beautiful textiles from a shop owner in Thailand. The reviews were great, the price was right and I quickly added two long pieces of indigo fabric to my cart. They arrived about two weeks later in perfect condition, free of any odors and very clean. Not only were they such a good price (more on that later), but I would have enough left over to make some throw pillows and/or a table runner. I was ecstatic.

IMG_1075I ironed out a few wrinkles in the fabric and laid it flat until I had the opportunity to go pick up a second frame. I already had one 18×24 frame from a very recent buy one, get one for a penny sale at the local frame store. Once the fabric arrived, I knew I wanted to go back to get a second one, so I quickly made my way there one weekday afternoon between other errands.

The frames they had left that were similar were now discounted at 90% off. As I sifted through the frames, I was sure I wouldn’t find the same one again and would have to settle on a new set of two 18×24 frames in order to have matching ones. After several minutes, I found it! It was the last one. Not only did I find the one 18×24 frame to make my set, but I found two more of the same style in other sizes. At 90% off, I couldn’t pass them up. All three large wood frames came to a total of $10.34!!

After measuring the fabric and cutting it to the size I wanted for my frames, I used adhesive spray to mount the fabric to white paper. I chose not to mat the fabric, because I wanted the fringe on each vertical side to be visible. This process couldn’t have been easier. I let the adhesive dry for a couple of hours, cleaned the glass and mounted the newly framed textiles on the wall. Did I mention that the nice guys at the frame story even put the mounting hardware on for me?? Pretty awesome, right?

DSC_7567DSC_7568DSC_7570It’s tough to take these photos without getting reflections in the glass, but I think you can tell that the space above our bed already makes the room more cozy. These textiles are stunning in person. I can’t even describe how happy it makes me to see them up on the wall, knowing that someone took the care to print these by hand. The history of this art practice, the cultures where they originate and the colors that are used amaze me.

Now, to get back to my Pottery Barn hack here, I’ve broken down the cost that went into making this DIY wall art.

Frames: $0.01 + $3.99 + tax = $4.32
Fabric: $36 + shipping for two long pieces divided by what I used for this project: $10.00
TOTAL: $14.32

Can you believe it? Instead of spending $169 + tax, I spent less than $15 for some beautiful textile artwork that has so much more meaning and history. It wasn’t produced in a factory, and it traveled all the way from Thailand. To say I’m pleased is putting it mildly. I can’t wait to make some throw pillows or a table runner out of the rest of this beautiful fabric.


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