Exercise is something I enjoy and feel is important to my overall health (and sanity!). It’s a real stress reliever for me and a way to step away from all that is going on in life, to think about other things, gain some perspective and come back with more energy and some recharged batteries.

Some of my favorite types of exercise are running (definitely #1 on the list for a reason), pilates, hiking, walking and shopping (yes, it is a sport of sorts, too). I also plan to get a bicycle soon to do some cycling in my free time. I’m not sure what kind of bike I want just yet, but I’ll update when I figure that out!

My favorite running shoes are Mizunos and Asics, and I prefer to wear Nike, Brooks and Lululemon running wear. I also practice Stott Pilates and love it. I wish I had more time for it though. Right now, I only practice about once or twice a week, but would love to get up to three or four times a week. I have tried yoga a few times and didn’t love it, but I’m open to trying it again sometime in the future to see if I might be able to get into it.

If you read my blog you’ll probably see a lot about running and pilates more than other forms of exercise, but I’ll be sure to blog about any hiking or other activities I get into around these two favorites.

Right now, I’m training for a few races. My ideal distance is a 10k or 10-miler. I have run a few half marathons, but no plans for a full marathon. I just don’t have any desire to run that long a distance in one stretch or put that kind of stress on my joints all at once. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day….?


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